The International Association of Pageantry is a self-regulating ethics and regulatory body for the pageant industry.  IAOP strives to provide consumer protection for pageant systems, suppliers, and participants.







IAOP Consumer Protection


IAOP's Code of Ethics will help provide a robust series of policies that sets the ethical standard of conduct for the national and international pageant community. It is designed to serve as a baseline of ethics for those associated with the pageant industry.

IAOP serves the greater good by working with national and regulatory governing bodies on industry best practices and the fulfillment of United Nations SDG5.

IAOP supports the global pageant industry and promotes fair and ethical standards of competition.   Our desire is to see every competitor flourish and grow through empowering pageant experiences.



According to Women's News (January 24, 2016), 2.5 million girls participate in 100,000 beauty pageants each year in the United States alone.  Pageantry is a cultural icon in many countries, and the IAOP serves the international pageant community by promoting industry ethics, self-regulation, and best practices, thus providing consumer protection for pageant systems, suppliers, and participants following the Code of Ethics.

IAOP knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. The IAOP strives to establish ethical standards that best serve the industry at large. In accordance, IAOP, pageant system, supplier, and contestant members are asked to provide honest and fair business practices in pageantry and services.

Our members and participants are asked to operate at the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards that provide safe environments for empowering fair competition amongst systems and participants. We seek self-regulation in a highly fragmented industry in an attempt to protect participants and the integrity of our industry. IAOP is committed to the highest ethical business standards for the entire pageant industry.

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