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Delerice Clark Tehrani.Barbie Twins. Del


Board of Directors

Delerice Clarke Tehrani, one of the infamous "Barbie Twins," is one of the most sought after talents in the entertainment and fashion industries today.  She has a diverse, affluent and rich heritage being Bajan, Dominican, Bahamian, and American. Delerice has been in the public eye for more than a decade, gaining initial fame and becoming a 21st Century pop culture icon, as an international motivational speaker, mentor, actress, model, entrepreneur, fashion designer, hostess, and media personality. 

As the co-founder and co-owner of D&D Couture, Incorporated, Delerice runs an international boutique.   Delerice is also the co-founder of the E’arron James Haley Foundation, which was chartered in honor of her baby brother, E’arron James Haley, who was tragically struck and killed at twelve years of age, as a result of a teenage driver, texting while driving. 

She has been featured in various movie commercials, such as Zanmi The Movie and "The Hollywood Live" club commercial. She has also headlined in various magazines, including Shades Wedding Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine, Miami Style Magazine, Hair Diva Magazine, and Black Women Style Report. 

Delerice and her twin sister, Delpha Clarke Samuels, were featured on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey daytime television show.   Delerice starred in the reality show, Ultimate Miami Girl, in April 2013. 

Delerice has been involved in the pageant industry for almost two decades, wearing many hats which have included being a volunteer, contestant, pageant director, judge, and pageant coach. As a national titleholder, Delerice has held such titles as Miss Pompano beach USA, Miss Miami United States, Ms. South Florida United States, Ms. South Florida Beautiful, Ms. International Beautiful Miss Summer and Ms. South Florida Galaxy, Ms. International World Florida, Ms, Us Virgin Islands United States, and Mrs. North Florida United States.

Delerice and Delpha are the international co-producers and co-directors of the Miss LCA International Pageant System, a not-for-profit mentorship association, with a vision to share what is natural through a living grace of young ladies, to ensure self-worth, self-esteem and family values.  

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