Dr. Rollan Roberts Chairman of the Board


Chairman, Board of Directors

Advisor to national governments and nominated to Central Command's Civilian Task Force with the Department of Defense, Dr. Rollan Roberts is the CEO of Courageous!.  He served as CEO of the Hoverboard company, creating the best-selling consumer product worldwide in 2015, and has a record of crafting viral global brands as CEO of both public and private SMB to multi-billion dollar companies.  Dr. Roberts provides entrepreneurship programs & events around the world, including the African Diplomatic Entrepreneur Summit in Botswana in partnership with multiple African governments and United Nations SDGs.

Dr. Roberts has addressed world leaders at Harvard University, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and China’s government and business leaders in Tiananmen Square at the Great Hall of the People (China’s Congress).  He served as an advisor to the Top 20 Startup companies in the world (in Spain) and advisor on the U.S.-China Trade War.

In addition to being a private pilot, he holds a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship,  authored 4 best-selling international books on business and entrepreneurship, founded the International Down Syndrome CEO Camp for entrepreneurs (www.DownsCEO.com), and continues to educate and empower leaders and entrepreneurs by hosting the annual CEO Cruise and women’s empowerment BeautyPro Cruise.

-  Recognized industry authority in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, consumer goods, energy, technology, manufacturing, direct sales/network marketing, cannabis, and biotech sectors. 

-  Formulated natural baby formula that was closest alternative to breast milk. 

-  Founded nutraceutical company as natural alternative/supplement to chemotherapy.

-  Top 100 Most Influential Floridians of 2015 by Insight Magazine.

-  Marketing & Branding strategist with Tom Feltenstein, Creator of the McDonalds Happy Meal & opened first Ronald McDonald House.