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Kylie Drew. Follow Your Dreams. IAOP.


Board of Directors

Kylie is the Director of Follow Your Dreams National Dance Competition and Pageants – the largest National Competition in Australia. She started this business 25 years ago while teaching kindergarten and running her own dance studio. In 2016, FYD expanded rapidly, enabling her to bring her husband on board; they now run this large business together while parenting their four children. Follow Your Dreams now runs in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Wales with other countries planned in upcoming years.

Kylie is also the franchise partner and International trainer of Miss Fashion Week Australia and UK - a runway competition that mixes pageantry and runway dedicating itself to building self-esteem and confidence in girls, teens, and women.  Having judged many times in the USA, Kylie has also coached winners on an international and national scale in both Dance and Pageantry and now enjoys coaching elite-level pageant girls for National and International events. She has appeared on Toddler and Tiaras twice as a guest judge and has enjoyed being featured on Australian television and media to promote the benefits of pageantry. During 2019, Kylie received many accolades including ‘The Best Children’s Pageant in Australia’ from Australia’s Finest Golden Sash Awards and a ‘Finalist Nomination’ for the AusMumpreneur Awards in Customer Service and Business Excellence.

Kylie has written two books, an Amazon bestseller on traveling to the USA with children, and her latest book covers tips for living your best life. Dealing with and learning from challenges and successes is what makes us stronger, builds resilience and gives us the strength to continue. Her ongoing wish is to continue to inspire women to reach out of their comfort zones to live their best life. Kylie is driven, full of energy, ambitious and truly believes that hard works pays off. Her secret to success is to never give up - success is just around the corner.

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